Goondooloo Cottage

16 Dec

We have left Kangaroo Island on the 5:30 ferry and have just reached our accommodation for the next two nights: Goondooloo Cottage, ten minutes from Cape Jarvis at the edge of Deep Crek National Park. Look at the wallabies hopping around just metres from our living room window!





2 Responses to “Goondooloo Cottage”

  1. Steve December 17, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    Looks like a cosy Christmas scene! You are speaking of cold weather. What is “cold” there in °C? We are here at +6°C and the rain is beating against the windows. In the short pauses a stroll outside is quite fine, even if it is to free graves of old heavy snow layers up at the Enzenbuel only. Regarding weather you are really not missing anything here. Do have further good experiences there!
    Yours; Steve from above. .

    • anitadownunder December 17, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

      Hello Steve from Above! Good to hear from you! ‘Cold’over here means around 14 degrees during the night and early in the morning, and then a high of 19 degrees if it’s overcast or 25/30 on a sunny day (like today). If the wind is blowing from the south, it has an arctic feel to it and since the houses are barely insulated and never really air- tight, it gets quite chilly at night. Tom is making good use of the stove here at Goondooloo Cottage…:-)

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