Dolphin dilemma

17 Oct

I know you’re all waiting for dolphin pics. The problem is that we are not allowed to bring our cameras when on duty. So I will have to go in on one of my days off and take lots of pictures then. But I had my first real dolphin encounter today: one dolphin suddenly appeared in the bay, right in front of our little shed, it was identified by the shape of its dorsal fin as ‘Levy’, an adult female. She stayed very close to the shore for four minutes and even did a tail slap for the eager audience… I had to wade into the water and make sure that nobody tried to touch or otherwise harass the dolphin. I was mighty relieved that the dolphin didn’t harass me….:-)


One Response to “Dolphin dilemma”

  1. Steve October 18, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    Dear Anita, I eagerly read your diary on my labtop now that I am back again from France. I had such a greatly enjoyable time there with a mixture of culture and relaxing hiking. And the food was most of the time just marvellous. Coming home I find my flowers still going strong thanks to you and Tom. I thank you both so much!!! And now: I do wish you a great many happy moments, hours and days in your present occupation which will surely be a truly life-time experience. Yours, Steve (from above).

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