Home Sweet Home

10 Jan

The journey is over – we’re back home! Thanks to all the avid blog readers: all in all you’ve visited this page more than 8000 times. Isn’t that amazing?
This is the last entry: downtown Zurich in the winter fog…:-)



Time to Say Good-Bye…

7 Jan

We’re packing up, tonight at three (!) we’ll head to the airport. Now we’re off for one last walk along the beach.



6 Jan

In Sydney even the pilots are cheerful (and acrobatic…)!


Voyager of the Sea

5 Jan

Another busy day in town… today Tom was happy to see that the Voyager of the Sea, one of the world’s largest cruise liners, was moored in the harbour – an absolute must for ship-spotters :-). We also decided that going on a cruise was one of the things we want to experience before we die, actually we’ve already picked our favourite cabin!…
After that we tackled the Sydney Tower for a bird’s eye view of this stunning city. Spectacular, don’t you think?





Sightseeing in Sydney

3 Jan

Today we must have burnt off thousands of calories… We took the ferry from Manly to Circular Quay, walked all the way to Darling Harbour in the blistering heat, visited Sea World (= lots of scary sharks!) and, to cap it all, explored the Opera House. I think we more than deserved the couple of beers we had for dinner (and the schnitzel… breaded and fried…in lots of oil)!






Kooky Kookaburra

2 Jan

Since it was overcast and windy today, we postponed sightseeing in downtown Sydney and went for a long walk along Manly’s North Harbour towards the Sydney Harbour National Park, instead. Apart from gorgious mansions and splendid yachts we also encountered some interesting wildlife and I finally managed to photograph a Kookaburra up close. The Kookaburra belongs to the species of the kingfishers and is best known for its cackling song that is said to sound like human laughter. If you have never heard a Kookaburra, you can listen to one here.


While I did my bird-watching, Tom did some ship-spotting… 🙂



Magnificent Manly

1 Jan

We spent the first day of the year exploring our surroundings in Manly with a long walk along the wharf and the beaches. Our B&B is perfectly situated on a small hill, overlooking the harbour, so Tom can keep tabs on the boats coming and going – he stares through his binoculars and informs me when the ferry is running late again…